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WHO ARE Liquid 56?

The Past ≠ The Future.

Liquid 56 distills the multifaceted essence of 80s and early 90s music, with a skewed wit and a keen sense of worldly acumen that captures the sentiment of times, both exuberant and defiant. It is the sound borne of musical innovation from the golden era confluence of rock, pop, disco, punk, new wave, grunge, and metal.

Kip Satchel - Liquid 56

Kip Satchel

Guitar, Synthesizers, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Programming

Prince Kibria Shahtahtinkskaya was born in 1961 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan SSR, the sole heir to a family of royalty and exceptional means. When diplomatic complications arose during the 1972 Armenian Dasnak insurrection, Kibria's family was forced into exile. Traveling the Silk Road for two years, they settled in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, where at the age of 13, Kibria learned to play the Shudraga. This rudimentary three string guitar would be his gateway to discovering classic rock, hypnotized by bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin who had been incorporating far-Eastern instrumentation into their music.

"To discover the familiar sounds of my homeland melded with modern rock music was enlightening, to say the least. It proved to me that music was transcendent of race, country, and creed, and pointed to an affirmation of my parents' newfound Sufi devotions. While I always eschewed the rigidity of religion on principle, when I discovered that Pete Townsend of The Who was a student of Inayat Khan and was seeking the Universal Note, I then decided that music could be my religion."

Kibria soon after learned the sacred art of Tuvan throat singing and joined forces with three former Buddhist monks to form Iron Mongol, a Black Sabbath tribute band. Iron Mongol's clever cover of War Pigs gave them minor notoriety throughout Mongolia and portions of Siberia, and they toured for just a few years, which was as long as Kibria's waning wealth could afford.

When Kibria's parents were killed during the Mongolian opium riot of the mid 70s, he fled the country and moved to Los Angeles, California, hoping to replenish his riches as a rock musician. Frustrated with the constant mispronunciations, Kibria took on the stage name of Kip Satchel. In 1978, Kip met Mary Ann Sims, a local rock vocalist in the growing deathrock scene who turned Kip's focus to the darker side of spirituality. Together they formed the short-lived irreverent post-punk rock duo Dr. Skullpunch. Over the next year, Kip rode that disaster to its merciful fate in 1979 when Mary walked off stage and disappeared in the middle of a particularly contentious show. A short time later, she was fronting the bands Castration Squad (as Mary Bat-Thing) and 45 Grave (as Dinah Cancer).

"Over the course of the many shows Mary and I played in Los Angeles, I became good friends with Frank Ferranna... well, Nikki Sixx — after he changed his name. He was killing it playing bass in a local band called London and when we weren't gigging, we'd gather up our friends and hit the scene like a pack of feral dogs, tearing it up at whatever local show seemed the seediest. Good times, those. But, I always suspected Nikki had a thing for Mary, and of course she just ate up the attention. He was pretty bummed to hear about the demise of Dr. Skullpunch and more so about Mary's sudden departure. Well, maybe not that bummed, since I found out a few months later that they were a thing. It's just as well though. The both of them were just screwed up enough for each other."

Divorcing himself from the deathrock scene that now served only to remind him of Mary, Kip took an extended holiday in the UK. There, he befriended Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Robert Smith of The Cure, and wound up serving as a roadie and guitar tech for their combined bands' tour in late 1979. Having discovered the perfect blend of goth, pop, and rock to suit his creative palate, he returned to California shortly after to apply his inspiration to some new music.

The sounds of the early 1980s served as a fertile creative bed for Kip, who dove deep into ethereal wave, dreampop, and shoegaze, eventually leading to the formation of his Dreampop Goth Metal band Prismatic Filth. In 1982, their song Luxury of Death became a fan favorite and was picked up by local and underground radio. One copy of this demo tape eventually made its way into the hands of musician Jasper Ice. After a few phone calls, Jasper left his home in Brookyln, NY and moved to California where he teamed up with Kip to form Liquid 56 the ultimate sonic emulsion of all their musical influences.

Jasper Ice - Liquid 56

Jasper Ice

Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers, Drums, Guitar, Programming

Jasper Farnham Icenogle was born on March 13, 1961 in working-class village of Aintree, UK as an only child to Mildred Icenogle a single, unwed mother.

"I remember the first time I heard music and realized it was my calling. It was sometime back in early '61. I can't be certain of the exact date because I was in utero at the time, but I'm going to say it was probably The Beatles at Alexandra Hall in Crosby, since that's where my mom was employed as a caretaker, at least up until the time she got canned for breaking some punk's foot with a mophandle for making fun of Pete Best's nose."

Trying to escape her contentious past, Mildred emigrated to the USA and settled in Lodi, NJ. She followed the emerging local music scene, teaching Jasper to sing as he attended elementary school. With what money she could scrape together from her jobs as a cook at Lodi Pizza and a dancer at Club Flamingo in South Hackensack, Jasper was gifted Mildred's old mandolin and treated to lessons to accompany his bourgeoning love of singing. Sessions busking outside the Gimbels at Garden State Plaza helped earn extra money for the family, and on one occasion a young Bruce Springsteen, on his way to trade in a second-hand guitar, instead gave it to Jasper saying, "That mandolin might help you save a few bucks, but I think this here might help save your soul." With that hand-me-down, Jasper taught himself guitar and eventually bass guitar, as odd jobs on weekends afforded more and more access to musical instruments.

In his last year of middle school, Jasper formed the three-piece hard-rock outfit The Mondo Chumps with his mates Giacomo Vanzetti (drums) and Victoria O'Riordan (guitar). After playing the school's Battle of the Bands, all three were subsequently put on suspension for a particularly rowdy rendition of their self-proclaimed hit song Uppercut Kiss which led to a brawl amongst the parents, a small fire in the school auditorium, and the Pete Townsend-style destruction of his first guitar.

By the mid-1970s in high school, Jasper befriended a dour young musician named Gerald Caiafa Jr., who introduced him to the underground punk musical scene. A year later, Jasper broke the pinkie on his left hand in a scuffle with Gerald outside the Tenplex movie theater in Paramus, NJ. It healed poorly, which attributed to his always running behind Caifa Jr's skillset.

"My friend Jerry could really be insufferable at times. He always yammered on about how he was so tight with all the coolest, most hardcore bands — even though most of them were closer friends with me! I mean, the bands were really good so he wasn't entirely wrong, but come on already. Enough! I eventually learned to ignore that, but the day he put down Vickie as a sellout because her dad bought her a pink guitar for her birthday was the day I gave him one right in the kisser."

Shortly after, their friendship went cold and both decided to form rival bands and change their names for the stage, Jerry Only joining The Misfits and Jasper Ice forming The Detention Dogs. While Jerry went on to find almost instant success, Jasper still struggled to find his Muse, despite the production of a generally well-received single called Trashcan Dinner.

A year after graduating high school in 1979, Jasper's mother died in a tragic pizza-dough making accident, and a settlement was made which left him flush with money for the first time in his life. Jasper promptly moved to a Brownstone apartment in Brooklyn, NY in search of a place in the growing punk rock and metal scene of New York City. He spent the next eight years working at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation alongside an as-of-yet unknown Peter Steele and performing with half a dozen bands of varying style and questionable success. An upcoming goth-rock band that would eventually become Type O Negative auditioned them both, but Peter's looks, voice, aesthetic, commitment, strength, intelligence, dexterity, charisma, talent, and finely honed sullen attitude eclipsed Jasper's in almost every way.

On the verge of giving up on the music scene altogether, Jasper then discovered a tape from a California band called Prismatic Filth, containing the Dreampop Goth Metal single Luxury of Death in the record store's Dollar-a-Demo bin. Struck by the raw energy and soul crushing vibe of that single, Jasper immediately mailed off a copy of his latest song, Resigned to Failure (performed with his symphonic black metal outfit Bard's Bow) in hopes of finally making a West-Coast connection. A few weeks later, Jasper left New York and moved to California to form Liquid 56 with Kip Satchel.

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